EXHIBITION | Acts of Listening from Future Generations

Wednesday, February 3, 2021 to Saturday, March 6, 2021

“Acts of Listening from Future Generations” is an exhibition curated by International Curator in Residence Programme at the Fire Station, David Suarez Mira and features the works of Sonic Jeel, Mubarak Althani, Alya Al-Khalifa, Guillaume Rouseré, Robin Pender, Mariam Rafehi, Sebastián Betancur, Ivan Aleksic, Ilija Aritonovic and Asma Derouiche.

David invites you to submerge your mind into the world of sound in an experience which focuses on sonic reflections promoted by the artists and the environment.

When collecting sonic art experiences in Doha, most of the artists realize that there is an urgent need to create this dialogue. Sound engineers,
musicians, artists, and architects, among others, are featured as the starting point of a deep and fruitful conversation about the role of sound–expectation. This is just the beginning to move along the way of history to find new talents, create collaborations, and recapitulate history to claim new paths where such practices could be recognized.

David Felipe Suárez Mira is journalist, museum advisor, and independent curator. Candidate to the MA in Curatorial Practice at the School of Visual Arts (New York) and has an MA in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management from the National University of Colombia. His research interests heed on the permanent transformation of cultural appropriation in migratory processes and local traditions through new electronic, sculptural, performative, and socially engaged narratives. His projects focus on developing a dynamic relationship between the audience and artists in multiple transmedia and community-based formats.

About the artists:

Sonic Jeel is a collective research project investigating sound, noise, electronic music, and multimedia within the context of Qatar and the SWANA (South West Asian/ North African) region. Initiated by Michael Hersrud & Simone Muscolino, Sonic Jeel celebrates the interplay of the sonic and the graphic, and aims to be an outlet for exploration, production and distribution of audiovisual work in support of the growing creative industry in Qatar.

Mariam Rafehi is an interdisciplinary designer, who has lived half her life in Europe and half in the Middle East. As an artist and designer, she creates alternative worlds in virtual reality (VR) to expose audiences to an unfamiliar experience. In the real world, she is also interested in the codified language of human behavior responding to her observations with performances.

Asma Derouiche is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with a multicultural background. She is interested in the Middle Eastern culture and the preservation as well as the emergence of cultural identity. Her research explores dimensions of authenticity through reimagined cultural artifacts. Primarily through performances, her work invites the audience to interact with heritage-inspired objects in novel ways.

Sebastián Betancur comes from a background in architecture and urban design and has worked for 15 years in an intersection between sculpture, installation, drawing and performance as his more intimate practice; and curating public art from an urban planning and landscape architecture perspective on a much larger scale.

Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani works with dimensions, colors, geometrics, abstraction, and literal expressionism to capture cities, skylines, horizons, interaction, culture, history, and politics. Mubarak was an Artist in Residence at Fire Station (2017-2018)

Robin Pender is a top-performing sound engineer with extensive experience in mixing TV, cinema liner and interactive media. He is highly skilled in designing and mixing various audio productions in both live and studio settings. His work is also recognized for delivering comprehensive storytelling strategies through a technically creative and artistic approach.

Ilija Aritonovic Ilija tries to explore the relationship between various disciplines, including painting, sculpting and audio art. Aritonovic believes in the power of expression and communication, making him passionate about sports, art and education.
Ivan Aleksic (1991) born in Nis, serbia.  Driven by his passion for music he attended Musical School.He continues his exploration through various musical genres. Creating and producing pieces while playing a couple of instruments on his own. From applied music and across popular genres he manages to bring new experiences with his bold and experimental crossovers.

Alya Al-Khalifa's work focuses on the idea of movement. She experiments with different mark-making techniques through drawing and mixed-media. Throughout her practice, she observes the human experience as a collective, and how individuals move as groups, influenced by the rules of human nature and the nature that surrounds us.
Guillaume Rouseré is influenced by his environment and culture, and the history of places and objects. He expresses his emotions and perceptions of the contemporary world through his work as a simple witness of our society.  

Photo credits: Sonic Jeel

Location: Gallery 3 + 4 and The Cinema, Fire Station
Opening: 3 February, 2021
Exhibition will run until 6 March, 2021

Gallery and Cinema hours:
Saturday to Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Friday: 1:30pm – 7pm