at the fire station



Talk of The Month

Ardent Explorations of 3D Printing, Design, Architecture & Beyond with Thomas Moden and Maysaa Almumin
27 March 2017

To make a difference, you need to do something different. This doesn’t necessarily require an anarchic overturn of what was before, but it should entail a thorough understanding of what has preceded, and a certain openness, a particular, call it, dexterity & deftness to consider options and solutions from beyond one’s immediate remit of influences and likes. We believe our practice is reflective of such a transdisciplinary approach, and is richer and more astute for it. One approach is to perpetually question the whys, hows, and whats of the things we make, the narratives we structure, and the spaces and environments we conceive.
Location: Fire Station Cinema
Time: 6:30pm

Open Studio Night

8 April 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Visitors are able to meet with artists and see the inner workings of their studios, view their work in progress and how artists develop their ideas for the projects they are working on during the residency program.

Visitors are encouraged to follow the Fire Station Instagram account @dohafirestation and share their photos on the hashtag #FireStationOpenStudios