at the fire station



Street Artists

Date: 27 November 
Time: 8pm
Duration: 46 minutes
Free entry

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of a series of documentary films in collaboration with Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, with the display of “Street Artists” film.

The film casts light on the phenomenon of street artists in Europe and their dependence on making money by offering various artistic or entertainment shows in the streets and open spaces.

It also presents their successes in pleasing audiences and making money. This is seen through coming into contact with a number of artists in different cities in Europe and showing their creative ideas and interesting performances on the streets.


Open Studio Night

Date: 29 November 
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Location: Fire Station

Open Studio Night is the only time during the residence where members of the public can access artist studios to meet them and see their work so far, visitors are welcome to talk to artists and discuss their experiences and inspirations. The Café 999 is a great stop to enjoy a coffee break during your visit.  


Inktense Art on Silk

Dates: December 9
Time: 4 pm-7 pm
For Ages: 8+
Fees: QR 250 per participant
Course Structure:
1. The essentials of colour mixing;
2. Learn the basics of brushes and strokes;
3. Extensive lessons on values and colour mixing, blending & shading.
For registration, contact: