• Abdulla Al Kuwari

    1 October – 31 December 2017

    Abdulla Al-Kuwari earned his BFA in 2014 from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. Imagination is a key element in his work, which is mainly inspired by nature, memories and pop culture. He participated in creating the book “The Donkey Lady and Other Tales from the Gulf” as an Illustrator and Translator (2012/13), he also participated as an exhibitor at the Dubai MEFCC (Middle East Film & Comic-con 2016).

  • Ebtisam Al Saffar

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    15 January – 15 April 2017

  • Nasser Al Attiya

    1 July – 30 September 2017

    A petroleum engineer in his professional career, Nasser is a member of the Qatar Fine Arts Association since 1989, and acted as Vice President of the Association (2015-2016).

    He is a self-taught artist who likes to portray a story or a hidden message in his work. His subjects focus on the ideas of Freedom in all its contexts, as well as a study of Qatari heritage and its social issues through surrealism.