Artist in Residence 2017

Artists in Residence programme


Ahmed Nooh

The artist Ahmed Nooh joined the Visual Arts Center for four years, during which he produced works of art in the drawing and painting unit. He also participated in many artistic workshops. He tends more to experiment with the material used through abstraction as a basis for his artistic vision.  He is a Member of the Souq Waqif Center for Fine Arts, and Member of the Katara’ Fine Arts Association.

Aisha Al Malki

Aisha Al Malki, Born in 1988 in Doha Qatar, Aisha Al Malki is a self-taught artist. First started with photography and grew slowly branching out to different mediums such as painting, editing. Aisha’s art theme is focused on a mixture of modern art with classical art. 

Aisha Al-Fadhala

Aisha Al-Fadhala is an emerging Qatari artist best known for her playful, as well as colorful elements she tends to include in her artworks. Pop Art has long been an interest for Aisha due to its vibrancy in terms of colors as well as the accessibility of adding hidden concepts that could possibly go unnoticed by most viewers. Through various mediums including acrylic paints, laser cutting, digital illustrations, and many other art medias, Aisha chooses whichever she sees fitting in terms of solidifying the concept, giving it the best possible representation. 

Alexandra Oddie

"Masking a surface with an alternative skin."  Repetitive processes and the regular reproduction of sculptural form are dominant factors in my professional practice.  In past project work and collaborations, site specific exhibition has been common in finalising my project briefs.  Always challenging scale to make a visual impression.  I challenge all scales when it comes to redesigning a surface area.  I am consciously involving myself in collaborative projects and networking events developing my knowledge in all creative fields to gain recognition as an artist/designer.  Over the years my work has developed through choice of materials and manipulation.  Narrowing my development to using plaster and fabrics but always keeping my narrative consistent.   "A kind of camouflage that can represent a skin, be interactive.....making you want to touch the surface.”

Diogo Esteves aka PSTR

PSTR is the heteronym of Diogo Esteves, motion graphic designer.  After studying Architecture for a while, decided to change paths and moved to London to study animation at Ravensbourne.  Has done work for artist´s live shows, corporate events and media.  Using the PSTR name for personal work, he explores different ideas, software and mediums to create digital images and worlds.

Fatima Al-Nuaimi

Fatima Al-Nuaimi is a graduate of Art Education, Qatar University. She is a member of the Qatar Society of Fine Arts. She has participated in many local and international exhibitions. She always seeks through her artworks to search for the meanings associated with the form and dealt with that through several contemporary methods and media such as video art, art assemblage and paintings. Search for the truth behind the visual image is its passion to show simplicity and artistic beauty.

Fatima Mohammed

Fatima Mohammed is a contemporary Qatari artist, born in 1993, who works in mixed media, printmaking and installation art. She also creates her own homemade inks from medicine that is meant to cure her back ailment. In 2016, Fatima graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar with a bachelor's degree in Painting and Printmaking and a minor in Art History. Fatima has had two group shows in katara art center and one group show in Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. Fatima’s work focuses on the social anatomy of the Arabian Gulf and how it is changing over time through the perspective of 3naj (Anaj), her fictional characters’ world.

Islam Shehab

As an Interdisciplinary designer with an architecture background, Islam blends creativity with technical precision. Islam takes inspiration from his environment interjecting vibrant color and bold composition into all forms of art he produces. Islam’s mission is to create art that has a positive and lasting influence on society.  Islam received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Egypt as well as a master’s degree in Design Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. His research investigates the recent attention to the skin manipulation with the intend of focusing and experimenting on the lines of cleavage, which are the topographical map drawn on our skin, used to define the direction where the skin has the least flexibility. The aim is to manipulate the lines in order to achieve better functions and to push the skin boundaries.

May Al Mannai

May Almannai is a self taught visual artist. Her main style is digital painting that depicts surreal characters and environments through a combination of digital painting, color and painted textures.  May has worked in Aljazeera children’s channel and Baraem tv for four years as an illustrator and story boarder. She has worked as a freelancer for various business and theater. Her most notable work is a book she illustrated for Bloomsbury Qatar that was nominated in Etisalat for best book award.  

Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani

Mubarak Nasser Al-Thani is a Doha-born Qatari Painter who recently moved from New York City back to Qatar. He started painting lines at the age of 14, which then developed into more dimensional objects. He then dedicated 2 full years painting just cubes. After years of painting, he tumbled on a character that he met along the way: “Curious Cubo”. Cubo takes form in a cubist human figure and recurs in many paintings in various positions. Cubo’s gender is still undetermined. Mubarak is inspired by cities, skylines, horizons, people and their interaction. He tries to capture these by balancing a contrast between blunt literalism and abstract dimensionalism /cubism. Mubarak has shown his work in 2 exhibitions in Manhattan. He is self-taught with a BA from Georgetown School of Foreign Service and an MA in Urban Planning from NYU. He also worked in the United Nations the past 4 years.

Paul Valentine

Paul likes to go for long walks in the mountains and make drawings of them. He thinks that a connection to the natural world is more meaningful than to a digital one. In the past few years, his focus has been on woodblock printmaking. He enjoys the balance between the rough act of carving the wood, and the delicate process of printing. Paul adds personal style to traditional techniques, such as brushing acrylic paint onto the wood panels, rather than rolling ink, this technique creates unique mono-prints. Before this, he spent his time painting, working in both acrylic and oils.  He used recycled clothing to create canvases, stretching them over recycled wood frames. He has a Bachelors of Architecture degree, receiving it from the University of Tennessee in the United States, which contributes to the strong graphic line quality of his work.

Rachel Leah Cohn

Rachel Leah Cohn is an interdisciplinary artist working with painting, sculpture, video and performance. She values experimentation, collaboration and trying to find new ways to describe the world around her. Recent projects have included an attempt to study the inner life of oysters, building a portable sauna with green tea steam and searching for mirages out in the desert of Zekreet.  Rachel has exhibited her work internationally, as well as attending many artist residencies around the world. She holds an MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Art Foundation department at VCUarts Qatar, teaching time-based media. 

Ryan Browning

Ryan Browning is an American artist living in Doha, Qatar. He has exhibited and curated in galleries and museums internationally. His work usually takes the form of paintings depicting shallow, map-like landscapes and spaces containing sculptural forms and collections of objects. He recently co-curated and co-produced the book/exhibition project Geo Necro, which invited 88 international contemporary artists to submit an artwork depicting something they imagined could be found in a fantasy dungeon, which were then compiled into an adventure format playable with the classic fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. His work has been written about on Art F City, ARTnews, and Ryan is represented by ADA Gallery, and is an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

Shouq Al-Mana

Shouq Al-Mana is a Qatari Artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar 2017, majoring in Painting and Printmaking. She is a visual artist interested in the presence of culture and poetry in contemporary society. She works in painting as well as expanded practice of performance art, abstraction and sculpture. Her artworks aim to stimulate conversation on the contemporary culture and the past historical narrative of Qatar. Shouq's interest in transforming ordinary forms and abstracting them has challenged her to explore different art practices. This process creates an exciting approach to her abandoned culture, yet keeps certain original aspects alive.  As a young artist, Shouq is interested in connecting with the everyday lifestyles, symbols and stories, and through abstraction, she hopes to create a new and exciting vision for the contemporary society.

Wajiha Pervez

Wajiha Pervez is a textile designer, materials enthusiast and traveler from Pakistan completing her graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.  Living between Netherlands, Qatar, Dubai and Pakistan, Wajiha has gained knowledge of a broad spectrum of international design. Dividing her time between work, exhibitions, research and workshops, Wajiha aims to share her knowledge and create meaningful dialogues between human, environment and culture through design interaction.

Yasser Al Mulla

Born in 1980, with a background in Law as well as engineering. Since childhood he had an interest in art, always scribbling on any scraps and papers until he took up drawing in 2015.  His works convey the idea that no matter how old you are, there will always be possibilities for the emergence of your talent.

Yassmin Al-Khasawneh

Yassmin Al-Khasawneh is an Architect. She received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the German Jordanian University in 2012, during which she interned in Zaha Hadid architects in Hamburg. She is a graduate of the Masters of Science program at the Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research (ITECH), University of Stuttgart. She has been involved in the system development, fabrication and construction of the ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2014-15 that merges engineering, robotics, digital manufacturing, material science and biology. Her thesis research is investigating the natural phenomena of salt crystallization in its capacity as material computation for architectural structures.

Yousef Bahzad

His work consists of mainly painting and experimental photography practices, they supplement and feed into one another, in regards to tone, color, and imagery.  He is interested in the concept of monoliths and other structures embedded within the land. He endeavors to explore the religious, ritualistic, and symbolic connotations of stone circles and monoliths (found across the world), and their connections with people and the land.  The painting and photographic work can be described to have ambiguous elements, gestural forms, and figures often moving in and out of one another.