The Fire Station - Artist in Residence hosts up to 20 artists for every residency period, which culminates in a group exhibition at The Garage Gallery.

Applications are now open for the 2016/2017 residency, which will commence in September 2016. The first group of 18 artists that were selected for our inaugural program are currently mid-way through their residency, and working towards their first group show to be exhibited at our Garage Gallery in June 2016. Follow this space for more information and updates.


"The residency provides us an amazing opportunity to collaborate and discuss new ideas with other artists in such a creatively liberating environment. This I think has helped us all a lot to evolve in our different forms of expression."

Shaha Al Khulaifi

About the Program

The Fire Station – Artist in Residency program is open to a variety of artistic practices, including performance, multimedia, visual artists, musicians, writers, and also curatorial. Each artist has access to an individual studio space open 24 hours a day, which remains completely under their custodianship.

The selection process for the Artist in Residence program is through an application process, while a number of artists may also be invited to use reserved studios. An esteemed panel of judges is selected each year to assess and deliberate applications and decide on the final artists in residence.

Artists are expected to be involved with giving presentations, workshops, and collaborating with other resident artists throughout the residency. We also respect that the artists will need time to reflect and investigate their own practice and proposed project, which they will exhibit at the end of the program. We welcome the opportunity for artists to be involved in and initiate community projects, although this is not expected of them.

Visiting artists and lecturers are invited to offer lectures and art critiques with resident artists, both in group and individual settings.

Each resident will be allotted a fixed amount of QR4000 to serve as a monthly per diem throughout the duration of the residency.

Submission Criterea

The following requirements are mandatory for consideration of the Artist in Residency program. Please note incomplete applications will not be considered.

Follow the APPLY NOW link to download the application form.

The completed application form and checklist should be printed and placed at the front of your application.

Attach copies of your Passport and Qatar ID (both should be valid).

Include high‐resolution copies of all imagery and photographs you wish to accompany your submission (in chronological order, if applicable).

Include a USB with relevant video content to accompany your submission (if applicable).

Your completed application should be placed in a folder labeled with your name, contact number, and date of submission and should be delivered in person to the Fire Station.